The current occupant of the presidential office has given the number 45 a pretty bad rap. I also tend to get more reflective and introspective near birthdays and anniversaries.  So, in light of my 45th birthday last year (and my 46th birthday coming faster than a speeding train), I thought I’d jot down some lessons I’ve learned over the past 45 years:

  1. I can’t do it all.
  2. I can’t do everything right.
  3. I can’t know it all.
  4. I need life-giving people in my inner circle.
  5. Listen faster.
  6. Conflict doesn’t have to end relationships.
  7. Smell the roses.
  8. Prevention > intervention.
  9. Representation matters.
  10. Nothing is truly wasted.
  11. Rest is critical to longevity.
  12. Get a mentor.
  13. Don’t procrastinate.
  14. Cherish old friendships.
  15. Seasons change.
  16. Insecurity is a life-sucker.
  17. Invest in others.
  18. Live by convictions, not whims.
  19. Be content.
  20. Teach the right things.
  21. Laughter really is good medicine.
  22. Learn from other people’s mistakes.
  23. Grow up.
  24. Season hard truth with love.
  25. Confess, repent, and move on.
  26. Grieve with hope.
  27. People-pleasing is a never-ending cycle.
  28. Be courageous.
  29. Speak up.
  30. If you want friends, be friendly.
  31. Obey quickly.
  32. Believe other people when they show you who they really are.
  33. Take better care of yourself.
  34. You cannot want more for someone else than they want for themselves.
  35. Love deeply and sincerely.
  36. Forgive people who have offended you–even if they never repent.
  37. Live a lifestyle of repentance.
  38. I cannot see clearly on my own–I need the perspectives of others.
  39. There’s always a reason to pray.
  40. Sing for joy.
  41. Leave a legacy your unborn grandchildren can be proud of.
  42. Wear a *good* shoe.
  43. Ask, seek, knock.
  44. Don’t orient your life around comfort.
  45. Live generously.
  46. Be thankful.

I didn’t aim to come up with 46 things when I started this list, but once I got started, that became my goal.  And while I didn’t flesh these things out in depth, many of them stand without explanation.

I’m still learning these things and so much more–growth is a lifelong process–but thought I’d take a moment to capture a snapshot on this leg of my journey with Jesus.  Thanks for sharing the view with me.


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